We will learn online all the steps to bake a good bread; from the amount of flour and preparation of the dough, the leavened and baked. Guarantee the use of natural and fresh products. Without preservatives and without colorants. What are the different types of flour recommended. We will learn types of baking to achieve different types of bread.
The meaning of Hafrashat Callah and the meaning of the braid according to the Torah and the Jewish tradition. There are a variety of ways that can be done according to tradition. This experimental workshop will fill your home with a wonderful smell and you can enjoy a delicious Challah at the table on Saturday and at any time.
The time of Hafrashat Challah (separation) is a magical moment of spiritual connection with God.
When we put the initial ingredients in the boll, we can reflect on the spiritual aspect of each ingredient and pray.

Baking Challah with Hafrashat Challah

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