Kosher kitchen -Our mission

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Shalom u bracha,

I am an artist and my husband is a chef and an expert on propolis and natural medicine

We have a sense of mission to open our house. We host groups of tourists from all over the world in our home in Jerusalem.

We want to give our guests an authentic experience of Jewish family life.

We do it through food. Tradition and love for cooking through an unforgettable experience in our home located in a magical place with a view of all the city.

We invite you!

Experience to taste and experiment a culinary workshop in the Jewish kitchen. Guidance by Shaul and Shanina Touson.

A powerful experience -

- Learn about component properties

- Accuracy and balance of tastes

- The spiritual significance of Jewish cuisine

- Experience in preparing vegetables that are stuffed according to Syrian tradition

A discourse about our way of life:

*Kosher kitchen and laws

*Personal expression through food

*Tradition and food in the light of our family history

*The habits of Jews in food and spices are different according to origin


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