About us

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The important thing for us is to provide an authentic and quality experience in an unforgettable human encounter.
Touson family

My name is Shanina, I was born in Uruguay, when I was 15 years old I emigrated to Israel with my parents and my brother. My family is traditional Jewish. After studying art, and after presenting my works in Israel and around the world, I began to get closer to the Torah and mitzvot. This affected my life, my art and my family. Today I create art in my home studio in Jerusalem. Together with Shaul, my husband and my children, we decided to open our house so that everyone who wants to knows the beautiful part of the Jewish tradition and family life and how we combine it with our special and interesting occupations.


My name is Shaul, I was born in Argentina to a Jewish family of Syrian origin. With great love, I learned from my mother the beautiful and exquisite tradition of Syrian cuisine and as a typical Argentine, I specialize in all types of meat cuisine.

Together with my wife Shanina, we decided to develop Jewish cuisine, Challah baking workshops, and different Jewish foods.